Cat Show Exhibitor Registration

Cat Show Exhibitor Registration

NSW C.F.A. Inc. Show Entry Form


I/we wish to enter the exhibits as detailed below in this Show
I/we agree to abide by the rules and Show Procedures of NSW CFA Inc. and that I/we enter the exhibits at my/our own risk.
I/we also agree that I/we will withdraw the following exhibits should any of them at any time during the period of 15 days immediately preceding the date of the Show, be in a cattery or be in contact with cats affected with infectious diseases.
Further I/we will not exhibit any of the following exhibits at any show within five days prior to the date of this Show.

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • For each exhibit entered a clear photocopy of the exhibit’s Certificate of Registration & pedigree, as issued by a controlling body, must be attached to this form. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES/PEDIGREES.
  • The completed Show Summary Sheet (from the Show Schedule) must be forwarded with this form
  • An exhibit owned by a NSW resident must be registered with NSW CFA, and the exhibitor must be a member of NSW CFA unless the show has been declared an Open Entry Show.
NOTE: A new exhibitor (intending NSW CFA member) is permitted to enter 3 shows without being a member of NSW CFA except where the new exhibitor’s exhibit is a pedigree cat which must be registered with NSW CFA.
  • Each kitten will be entered automatically in the relevant age class
  • Each cat will be entered automatically in the relevant open class
  • Each eligible cat will be entered automatically in the relevant CCCA class (free class – ANCATS exhibits are not eligible)
  • TO ENTER A LITTER in the show:
    - Write LITTER & include number of kittens in the litter, followed by the litter registration number. A photocopy of the Litter Registration Certificate must be attached.
    - If an exhibit is to be ON EXHIBITION (i.e. at the show & not competing) print ON EXHIBITION in the Other Classes box

OWN CAGE SIZES: 61 – width less than 61cm; 69 – width 62 to 69cm; 76 – width 70 to 76cm; 90 - width 90cm