BENGAL Specialty Ring

Bengal Specialty Ring

Incorporated with the Pedigree and Companion Cat Show

Saturday, 29th April 2023

All Breeds Judge: Mr David Scadden (New Zealand Cat Fancy)

Venue: Minimbah Primary School
Multi Purpose Hall entrance double gate off Long Swamp Road 1 – 15 Galloway Street Armidale NSW 2350++

The theme of the show, being “I’ve been Spotted on Safari”

All rosettes and prizes have been sponsored by the following generous Bengal breeders and owners and friends:

Adelhills Bengals

Arrowfield Bengals

Aussie Bengal Club and Christine Swan

Barbara Killmore

Bembrick Bengals

Bengaldale Bengals

Bengalland Bengals

Benzots Bengals

Bontemps Bengals

Catempire Bengals

Christine Swan and Lisa Rhyne

Debra Marsh

DNA Bengals

Enve Bengals

Farrugia Wall and Floor Tiling

Hutcreek Bengals

Iceni Bengals

Kitty’s Kreations

Kiweli Kennels & Kattery

Klimpton Park Bengals

Leoleapards Bengals

Made With Love – Sheryl White

Migaloo Bengals

Miss Kitty Kreations

Moar Mice

Mysticaura Bengals

Okelani Bengals

Paju Cattery

Perzeena Cattery

Resolute Bengals

Resolute Sweet Mischief

Tijah Bengals

Voodoocatz Bengals

Wendy’s Cat Show Essentials

Wild Valley Bengals